Although Namibia is a Middle Income Country (MIC) it has the highest measured income disparity in the world.   This means that there are some parts of the country experience extreme poverty on par with conditions in its poorer neighbouring countries such as Malawi and Mozambique.  Namibia’s economy is tied closely to South Africa’s due to their shared history.  The largest economic sectors are mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism. Namibia has a high unemployment rate estimated to be 51.2% in 2008.  Approximately half the population lives below the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 a day.

Since 2007, OCHA ROSA has been supporting various activities in Namibia, including:

  • Deployment in 2009 and 2011 to assess flood impacts;
  • The development of CERF and Flash Appeals for floods;
  • The development a cluster system from preparedness and response;
  • Leading a disaster simulation exercise for the Government and international partners;
  • Leading a Protection and Human Rights Preparedness mission.
  • Supporting the UNRC in coordination and development of CERF Projects
  • Training of partners in and leading a multi-sectoral rapid assessment.