OCHA Reports

19 Jul 2013
Namibia: Hundreds of thousands affected by drought

An estimated 780,000 people – approximately one third of Namibia’s entire population – are now classified as food insecure. Of these, 330,000 people are in need of urgent support, according to the Government, which declared a state of emergency on 17 May.

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15 Feb 2013
Southern Africa: Floods Situation Report No. 6 (as of 15 February 2013)


  • A storm system has formed in the Mozambique Channel, which could bring heavy rains to much of Mozambique and Madagascar. This system could increase the magnitude of the current flood situation.

  • Cholera has broken out in Cabo Delgado Province in northern Mozambique, with 317 cases and 2 deaths recorded to date.

  • Partners are supporting the Government of Malawi in providing assistance to the estimated...

08 Feb 2013
Southern Africa: Floods Situation Report No. 5 (as of 08 February 2013)


  • Since October 2012, floods in Mozambique have killed a total of 97 people, of which 69 people have been killed since the major flooding began in January 2013.

  • In total, an estimated 213,000 people have been affected by floods in Mozambique since October 2012, the majority having been affected since January 2013. The total number temporarily displaced people in the most affected province, Gaza, is around 140,000...

01 Feb 2013
Southern Africa: Floods Situation Report No. 4 (as of 01 February 2013)


  • Tropical Cyclone Felleng, which is passing down the eastern coast of Madagascar, has caused much rainfall since 30 January, but fortunately less than initially feared. So far no reports of significant damage have been received, although the water levels in some areas require vigilant monitoring.

  • Mozambique is now responding to floods in the north, central and south of the country, which has temporarily displaced an estimated 169,...

31 Jan 2013
Southern Africa Floods Situation Report No. 3 (as of 31 January 2013)


  • Tropical Cyclone Felleng continues to move south, parallel to the eastern coast of Madagascar. Heavy rainfall and strong winds are being reported in affected areas.

  • New floods in northern and central Mozambique have killed 7 people and temporarily displaced 19,000, bringing the national death toll to at least 55 people with 169,000 people temporarily displaced.

  • Floods in Seychelles have caused an...