OCHA Reports

20 Oct 2012
Southern Africa: People face “silent food-insecurity emergency,” warns Catherine Bragg

UN deputy humanitarian chief Catherine Bragg wrapped up her five-day visit to southern Africa today with a call for regional Governments and humanitarian organizations to work together to break the cycle of food shortages and poverty in the region.

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21 Sep 2012
Lesotho Flash Appeal 2012

Lesotho has experienced a more than 70% drop in domestic agricultural production that has put more than 725,000 people, over a third of the population, at serious risk of food insecurity. The sharp reduction in agricultural yields for 2011/2012, due to a series of flooding, late rains and early frost, has reduced domestic production to only 32% of the national average cereal harvest of the last 10 years.
The late onset of rains in the planting season (October-December...

31 May 2012
Angola: Impact of Drought on Food Security and Nutrition, Situation Report No. 1

This report is produced by OCHA in collaboration with humanitarian partners. It was issued by the Regional Office for Southern Africa. It covers the period from 01 April to 24 May 2012.


• An estimated 366,780 households (1,833,900 people) are expected to be affected by drought in Angola, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries (MINADERP). The country received less than 60 per cent of normal rain...

30 Apr 2012
Aid workers arrive as emergency declared

OCHA, UNICEF and the World Food Programme have sent emergency support to the Comoros Islands, where the Government has declared a State of Emergency following heavy rains and flash flooding.

The islands, which lie between Madagascar and Mozambique, have been battered by torrential rains since 20 April, causing heavy floods, landslides and rockslides.

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05 Apr 2012
Southern Africa Floods and Cyclones Situation Update# 3

This update is issued by the OCHA Regional Office for Southern Africa (ROSA). It covers the period of 01 March to 04 April 2012. The timing of the next report will depend on changes in flood conditions.


  • No reports of new flooding have been received in the past three weeks, and no new cyclones have formed over the south-west Indian Ocean.

  • Flood conditions persist in northern Namibia.

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