OCHA Reports

30 May 2011
Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Update, May 2011

Lesotho · The preliminary findings of the Post Disaster Needs Assessment show that the agricultural sector is the most affected by the heavy rains. It is anticipated that in the second half of the year food security will deteriorate significantly.


· In the South, harvest of maize and peanuts was good compared to last year. · Price of fuel has risen by 2%.


· Harvesting of maize crops have started throughout the country...

04 May 2011
Southern Africa Flood and Cyclone Situation Update #13

This report was issued by the Regional Office for Southern & Eastern Africa (ROSEA). It covers the period 13 April to 03 May 2011.


• In northern Namibia, flood waters are subsiding and no new flood waves are developing. However, the number of people affected by the floods continues to increase as new information is received from previously inaccessible areas. Current estimates of the number of people affected are between 300,...

04 May 2011
Situation humanitaire en République Démocratique du Congo - Note d’information hebdomadaire à la presse, 4 mai 2011


• Dans le cadre de la révision de la carte du 4ème cycle du Cadre intégré de classification de la sécurité alimentaire (IPC), 12 ateliers provinciaux se sont tenus du 12 au 16 avril 2011 dans toutes les provinces de la République Démocratique du Congo (sauf Kinshasa). Ces ateliers avaient pour objectifs d’actualiser les analyses en sécurité alimentaire faites en septembre 2010, d’estimer la population en situation de crise alimentaire et de moyens d’...

15 Apr 2011
Southern Africa - Regional Food Security Update, April 2011


  • Following the joint rapid assessment led by DMA, the World Bank is assisting the country to undertake Post Disaster Needs Assessment to further understand the impact of heavy rains on different sectors. Poor crop production is anticipated this year.

  • The UN Emergency and Response Task Force chaired by WFP and co-chaired by UNDP met with NGOs to respond to the impact of heavy rains.


  • Damage...
14 Apr 2011
Flash Appeal 2011


On 29 March 2011, a state of national emergency was declared by the President to respond to largescale flooding in the north and north-east Regions of the country along with a simultaneous request for international assistance. The declaration and request for assistance was based on the results of an aerial rapid assessment conducted by the Government from 25 to 27 March 2011.

Following weeks of heavy rain, water levels in northern Namibia...