Press Releases and Statements

24 Aug 2012
Lesotho: Funding helps to kick start humanitarian response to drought crisis in Lesotho

United Nations works with Government to respond

24 August 2012 (OCHA ROSA, Johannesburg): In response to a more than 70 per cent reduction in domestic agricultural production in Lesotho that has put more than 725,000 people, over a third of the population, at risk of food insecurity, the United Nations today announced funding of US$6.2 million to respond to the mounting humanitarian crisis. The funds, allocated from the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (...

23 Jun 2012
CERF gives $5 million for people affected by drought and food insecurity in Angola

22 June 2012: Angola has recently been impacted by drought in portions of the country due to a significant decrease in rainfall, which has adversely affected the food security of vulnerable households and malnutrition levels. According to Government assessments, an estimated 366,780 households, or some 1.8 million people are affected by drought in 11 provinces. A nutrition survey conducted in 10 provinces in April and March 2012 revealed that more than 533,000 children...

16 May 2012
CERF gives $2.5 million for flood-affected people in Comoros

14 May 2012: In March and April 2012, Comoros was hit by severe flooding associated with heavy rainfall throughout the territory. The floodwaters cut off access to affected communities and destroyed roads and other infrastructure making the delivery of humanitarian aid difficult. Government and United Nations assessments revealed that some 137,000 people have been affected by the emergency and some 1,800 houses were completely destroyed, while many more were damaged. More...

14 Nov 2011
CERF allocates $2 million to control locust upsurge in Madagascar

14 November 2011 : The Central Emergency Response Fund has allocated $2 million to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in response to a locust upsurge in Madagascar.

CERF funds will be used to safeguard the food security of rural communities affected by the locusts, especially in the South where 68 per cent of households are food insecure.

The FAO project is designed to not only arrest the current upsurge but to reduce locust populations to protect...

21 Sep 2011
CERF provides $2.7 million for Lesotho food crisis response

Some $2.7 million was provided from the CERF for UN agencies to respond to a food security crisis in Lesotho. Heavy rains caused widespread destruction to Lesotho’s farming in late 2010 and early 2011. Food security assessments showed that food shortages caused by the rains had combined with already high food prices to cause acute vulnerability, particularly among poorer households.

Nearly $1.6 million was allocated by the CERF to the Food and Agriculture...