Press Releases and Statements

27 Oct 2010
Weekly press briefing by OCHA at MONUSCO HQ 27 October 2010
Summary of press briefing by Maurizio Giuliano, OCHA Public Information Officer


Selon rapports non confirmés mais que nous considérons fiables, par ONGs internationales et locales travaillant dans la province du Bandundu, la semaine passée plus de 150 citoyens de la RDC sont arrivés dans la zone de Tembo, dans le sud-ouest de la province du Bandundu. Ils ont dit avoir été expulsés de l'Angola, et avoir été victimes de violations graves de la part des autorités...

27 Oct 2010
Situation humanitaire en République Démocratique du Congo - Note d'information à la presse, 27 octobre 2010
Province du Bandundu

- Après une période d'accalmie, les expulsions des Congolais de l'Angola ont pris de l'ampleur depuis quelques semaines. Selon l'ONG internationale CISP, plus de 150 personnes expulsées de l'Angola depuis le 16 octobre sont arrivées dans les localités de Tembo, Kasongo Lunda, Swana Mukanza, Kizamba et Kahemba.

Depuis mai 2010, le nombre de personnes expulsées de l'Angola vers le Bandundu est estimé à 356 personnes dont 155 hommes, 136 femmes, 36...

30 Jun 2010
Afghanistan: CERF QUARTERLY UPDATE 2nd Quarter 2010

- Halfway through 2010, CERF has allocated $245.5 million to UN country teams in 34 countries. Allocations are at the same pace as 2008, the busiest year in the Fund's history.

- Although the food sector historically receives the largest percentage of CERF funding, health projects have received the greatest share in the first half of 2010. CERF has allocated 17.7 percent of all funds for health programs. In Kyrgyzstan,Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, CERF funding is...

21 May 2010
CERF allocated $646,000 million to immunize 630,000 against measles in Lesotho
21 May 2010: The World Health Organization (WHO) will receive $646,000 to immunize 630,000 children age 6 months to 15 years old and conduct public measles awareness campaign for 930,000 people. The country is experiencing a major outbreak of measles which is affecting children age 6 months to 16 years and adults, but the majority of the cases are children.

The outbreak began at the end of January 2010 in the district of Quthing. In the first week of February 2010, more...

11 May 2010
Afghanistan: Central Emergency Response Fund and Country Based Pooled funds Member States Briefing
General Assembly Hall

Thank you for attending this meeting, which is an update for member states on the latest on the Central Emergency Response Fund, as at the end of the first quarter of 2010. I would also like to provide a brief overview of country based pooled funds, which work in tandem with the CERF in many cases.

I would like to provide a general overview of what the Fund has achieved since I last provided a briefing to Member States in New York in December,...