Press Releases and Statements

02 Apr 2009
Namibia: United Nations seeks USD 2.7 million for flood affected people in Namibia
(Johannesburg, 2 April 2009): The United Nations is seeking US$2.7 million to support the Republic of Namibia respond to floods caused by heavy rains that have displaced nearly 13,000 and damaged the homes and livelihoods of a total of 350,000 people.

The Government has responded to the crisis by establishing 21 relocation camps in six regions for the affected, through a US$11 million allocation of emergency funding. The number of people in relocation centres continues to...

03 Dec 2008
Albania: Climate change risks overwhelming current global humanitarian capacity
(Poznan, 3 December 2008): Today, for the first time in climate change negotiations, the humanitarian agencies of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee have teamed up with disaster risk reduction staff of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (ISDR) system to issue a joint call for scaled-up global action to reduce disaster risk and to strengthen preparedness for effective response.

The current negotiations on risk management and risk reduction in Poznan are a...

16 Jul 2008
Afghanistan: At mid-year, $3.4 billion still needed for consolidated humanitarian aid appeals
(New York/Geneva, 16 July): Six months into 2008, United Nations agencies, the International Organisation for Migration, and 239 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) still require USD 3.4 billion to respond to the world's most severe crises through this year's Consolidated and Flash Appeals. Overall humanitarian funding requirements for 2008 for the 34 countries covered by these 11...
04 Mar 2008
Madagascar: International humanitarian community seeks $30million for 239,000 people affected by cyclones in Madagascar
(Johannesburg/Antananarivo/New York: 4 March 2008): The international humanitarian community is seeking more than $30 million to support the Government of Madagascar in providing relief to 239,000 people who lost their homes, crops and other belongings in two tropical cyclones in less than a month.

Cyclone Fame struck the island on 27 January 2008, followed by category 4 Cyclone Ivan on 17 February 2008. They intersected, although at different times, in the central...

11 Feb 2008
Malawi: International humanitarian community seeks $89 million to respond to devastating floods in four Southern African countries
(Johannesburg/New York/Geneva, 11 February 2008): The international humanitarian community is seeking nearly $89 million to help the governments of Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe respond to floods that have destroyed thousands of homes, devastated crops and left some 449,000 people in immediate need of humanitarian assistance. The funds sought will also be used to prepare for a...