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07 Jan 2008
Mozambique: UN gears up to help floods victims in Mozambique
Maputo, 7 January 2008 - The United Nations and non-governmental partners are gearing up for an emergency response in central Mozambique immediately after the national disaster management authorities declared the highest level of alert due to localised flooding in several areas of the country.

Over the past few weeks, heavy rains in Mozambique and neighbouring countries have led to a sharp rise in water levels in the Zambezi, Pungue, Buzi and Save rivers. Mozambique's...

07 Jan 2008
Mozambique: Early floods jeopardize Southern Africa
(Johannesburg/New York: 7 January 2008): Floods are endangering the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of people in southern Africa, following unusually early torrential rainfall in the Zambezi river basin. So far, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia have been the hardest hit. While localised flooding is common in southern Africa, the rains have come earlier than usual. In Mozambique, some major rivers have already reached emergency thresholds not usually seen until mid-...
18 Dec 2007
South Africa: Southern Africa scales up disaster preparedness ahead of rainy season
Johannesburg, 18 December 2007: Faced with the worsening impact of floods and cyclones, disaster managers in eight Southern African and Indian Ocean countries have agreed to work more closely together to combat the devastating effects of these natural disasters.

In 2007, flood and wind damage caused by heavy rain and cyclones destroyed the livelihoods of more than one million people across the region.

Among other commitments, the emergency responders agreed in a draft...

16 Aug 2007
CERF August Newsletter 2007
Pledges & contributions

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is pleased to acknowledge the receipt of one new contribution of $500,000 (as of 27 July) made by China. OCHA encourages all member states to turn their pledges into contributions as soon as possible.

Country highlights

In July 2007, the Emergency Relief Coordinator (ERC) approved $15.12 million in grants from the CERF's window for rapid response. Details on each allocation can...

30 Jul 2007
Lesotho: Humanitarian community seeks $18.9 million to address Lesotho's worst drought in thirty years
(New York: 30 July) The humanitarian community has launched an appeal for $18.9 million to assist the Government of Lesotho, which declared a state of emergency on 9 July after the country was hit by the worst drought in thirty years. High temperatures and a prolonged dry spell during the 2006/07 cropping season have largely destroyed maize and sorghum harvests, causing...