The Somali Health Cluster, under the leadership of the World Health Organization, comprises more than 40 international and national humanitarian health organizations. They have been working together since 2008 to build partnerships and mutual understanding, and to develop common approaches to humanitarian health action in Somalia.

Each year the Somali humanitarian actors conduct an annual planning exercise, known as the Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP). All stakeholders are engaged in this comprehensive process and vet project proposals for vital life-saving humanitarian interventions. Following this exercise, funding is in part mobilized through Common Humanitarian Funds (CHF) for emergency projects prioritized by the Cluster. Each Cluster nominates a group of constituency-based representatives to steer the process. This group is called Cluster Review Committee, or the CRC. They review the cluster-specific priority CAP projects, as well as recommend project proposals for funding as per guidelines of the CHF Advisory Board. The mandate, terms of reference and functions of the CRC are outlined below.

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