The Somalia Nutrition Cluster is a coordination mechanism that aims to ensure effective and strategic emergency nutrition responses. The cluster mainly focuses on overall response coordination, partner capacity-building, assessment and emergency preparedness, and improving coverage of emergency nutrition programmes. The Somalia nutrition-response programming uses agreed priorities. It is mainly undertaken by UN agencies, and international and national non-governmental organizations with donor support.

The cluster is guided by the following objectives:

  • Systematic treatment of acutely malnourished children and pregnant and lactating women by accessing and using quality services for the management of acute malnutrition.
  • Expansion of women's and children's access to evidence-based and feasible nutrition and nutrition-related services available through the use of the basic nutrition services package.
  • Strengthening capacity of nutrition partners: international and local NGOs, community based organisations, local communities and line ministries to deliver quality and sustainable basic nutrition services package (BSPN) through a variety of approaches.

The cluster is responsible for sharing information with its members and other stakeholders, and conducting interagency and multi-cluster situation assessments in Somalia using standard guidelines. The cluster is also responsible for developing the nutrition response package that addresses emergency and non- emergency issues influencing nutrition on a regular basis. The cluster facilitates technical support, and the development of protocols and guidelines for programme implementation, in line with international standards and appropriate Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) materials for use in stakeholders’ nutrition response.

The cluster advocates mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues into nutrition programming, such as gender, age, HIV/AIDs and human rights. It also advocates innovative strategies for providing nutrition services to vulnerable women and children in highly insecure locations. Appropriate inter-cluster strategies to address the underlying causes of malnutrition are at the core of the cluster’s function.


Meetings & Focal Points
2012 Nutrition Cluster Coordination Meeting Schedule Nairobi
Nutrition Cluster Zonal and Regional Focal Points Map


Minutes of Meetings
Baidoa 05 Aug. 2012 | 27 Sep. 2012
Bossaso 07 Mar. 2012
Gaalkacyo 11 Sep. 2012 | 01 Mar. 2012 | 31 May 2012
Garowe 06 June. 2012
Hargeysa  06 Jul. 2012
Middle & Lower Shabelle  05 Aug. 201215 Jul. 2012 | 24 June 2012 | 07 June 2012 | 23 Sep. 2012
Mogadishu  29 Jul. 2012 | 08 Jul. 2012 | 20 May 201217 June 2012 | 03 June 2012 | 06 May 2012 | 15 Apr. 2012 | 06 Feb. 201230 Sep. 2012
Hiran 06 May 2012 | 16 Aug. 2012
Nairobi 03 Sep. 2012 | 06 Aug. 201209 Jul. 2012 | 04 June 2012 | 07 May 2012 | 02 Apr. 2012 | 05 Mar. 2012 | 06 Feb. 2012 | 09 Jan. 2012 | 01 Oct. 2012
Galgaduud 13 Feb. 2012 |12 June 2012 | 03 Jul. 2012 |12 Jul. 2012 |
Juba/Dhobley  31 Aug. 2012 | 11 Jul. 2012


Nutrition Somalia Strategy
IYCF Strategy and Action Plan for South Central Somalia 2013-2017
Population data by region and district 2005
Caseloads Estimates Deyr 2012 - IDPs disaggregated
Nutrition Targets by Region [Jan. - June 2012]
Somali Nutrition Strategy 2011-2013 towards the millennium development goals
Inter-cluster matrices Health, Nutrition, WASH to identify areas of synergy and shared benefits from activities


CHF Funded Projects - Standard Allocation 2
CHF Funded Projects - Standard Allocation 1
Nutrition Cluster Funding Mechanisms
CAP 2012 Cluster Response Plan
Nutrition Gender Marker Tip Sheet


Capacity Building
Integration of IYCF Support into CMAM  Facilitator's Guide | Handouts


Public Health Tools
Training of Trainers : Nutrition, Hygiene and Health Promotion Guide


Studies and Assessments
Trend Analysis of Food and Nutrition Insecurity in Somalia 2007 -2011
Nutrition Activities & Capacity Development Requirements in Somalia | Diagram | Solution Tree
Nutrition and Vulnerability Study HIV-TB
FSNAU Somalia KAP Report
Somalia National Micronutrient Study
DRC: Mogadishu Urban Food Security and Nutrition Assessment Report


Technical Guidelines
Basic Nutrition Services Package
IAS HIV Guidelines 2010
Public Health Tools for Use in Prevention of Malnutrition  - English | Somali
Field Guide for Management of Moderate Acute Malnutrition


Global References
Policy Brief-Scaling Up Nutrition A Framework for Action
Somalia National Micronutrient Deficiency Disorder Study Protocol
Global Nutrition Cluster Nutrition Emergencies Toolkit - A Toolkit for Addressing Nutrition in Emergency Situations


Nutrition Success Stories
Integration of Immunization and Nutrition Services for Mothers and Children in Somalia