Child Protection Working Group

Established in 2010, the Child Protection Working Group (CPWG) in Somalia is a forum through which agencies with child protection programmes in Somalia coordinate their interventions, seek consensus on strategic issues and create partnerships and linkages for better prioritization of the available resources. The overall objective of the Working Group is to attain an effective and predictable response to child protection issues in Somalia through improved coordination of activities in order to enhance protection of children affected emergencies.

Chaired by UNICEF Somalia, and co-chaired by Save the Children at the National level, the National Child Protection Working Group seeks to involve relevant agencies and existing coordination mechanisms in Somalia. The Working Group reports to the Protection Cluster. Membership of the CPWG is open to UN agencies, international organizations, national and international NGOs, government and civil society organizations actively involved in child protection programming in Somalia.


Minutes of Meetings
06 June 2012
24 May 2012
11 May 2012
27 Apr. 2012
22 Mar. 2012
09 Feb. 2012


Work Plans & Terms of Reference
CPWG Coordination Structure Somalia
CPWG Work Plan Bossaso 2012
CPWG Mogadishu TORs
CPWG Nairobi TORs
CPWG Bossaso TORs
CPWG Galkacyo TORs
CPWG Hargeysa TORs
CPWG Garowe TORs
CPWG Work Plan Mogadishu 2012
CPWG Work Plan Nairobi 2012
MRM Fact Sheet Somalia (Basic)
Somalia MRM Coverage Map February 2012


CPWG Assessment 2011
CPRA Guide for Field Testing
MRM Factsheet Somalia
Child labour in Somaliland: A rapid assessment in Hargeisa, Burao and Borama


Technical Guidelines (Somali Specific)
CESVI CFS Definition and Guidelines for Somalia
Child Protection Coordination Training
CPWG Coordination Training [Presentation]
Psychosocial Counselling and Social Work With Clients and There Families in the Somali Context
Child Friendly Spaces Guidelines for Field Testing
CPWG Protection Messages
Mainstreaming Child Protection in Emergencies
Integrating Psychosocial Care into Schools


References and Useful Links
Minimum Agency Standards Incorporating Protection into Humanitarian Response
Misguided Kindness - Making the right decissions for Childen in Emergencies
A Practical Guide to Developing Child Friendly Spaces
CFS Map Mogadishu March 2012
CFS Map South Central Somalia March 2012
Child Protection Psychosocial Training Manual
Interagency Child Protection Mainstreaming
IASC Guidelines on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings
IASC Interagency Guiding Principles
Overview Child Protection Coordination Lessons Learnt
Children & Armed Conflict - The Paris Principles
Psych First Aid Guide
SCS Community Based Care for Separated Children
Too Little Too Late: Child Protection Funding Report