Gender Based Violence Working Group

Gender-based violence (GBV) encompasses a wide range of human rights violations ranging from rape, domestic violence, sexual assault and harassment, trafficking of women, girls and boys and harmful traditional practices including female genital mutilation/cutting, early marriage, bride inheritance and others. The violations can be directed to men, women and children. In an emergency setup such as Somalia, human rights violations may be extreme due to the increased insecurity, weak rule of law, lack of humanitarian access, and frequent natural hazards. The protracted conflict has increased the risks of sexual violence among the vulnerable communities in Somalia such as the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the minorities and the host population.
Established in 2007, the GBV Working Group in Somalia serves as the primary body for coordination, policy development, technical advice and oversight of prevention and response to GBV in Somalia. Chaired by UNFPA at the national level, the Working Group includes UN agencies, INGOs, LNGOs, government authorities and other stakeholders implementing GBV activities in Somalia. The working group maintains has regional and field level working groups and reports to the Protection Cluster.

Minutes of Minutes
Bossaso 07 Aug. 2012 | 02 July 2012  | 10 May 2012
Nairobi 11 Jul. 2012 | 14 June 201209 May 2012
Mogadishu 22 Apr. 2012
Hargeysa 05 June 2012
Gaalkacyo 06 May 2012
Dhobley 21 Jul. 2012


Work Plans & Terms of Reference
GBV WG Annual Work Plan [Bossaso]
GBV Bossaso WG TORs
GBV Working Group TORs
GBV WG Work Plan 2012 Nairobi
GBV WG Work Plan 2012 Somalia


Technical Documents
Case Management Referral Pathway Guide Developed by the CP and GBV WG
Medical Check List for Incidents of Sexual Violence
Cheat Sheet - Standard Operating Procedures For Response To Gender Based Violence and Child Protection in Somalia
Template - Standard Operating Procedures For Response To Gender Based Violence and Child Protection in Somalia
GBV Training Matrix
CESVI GRT PSS Toolkit [May 2011]
GRT Final Report Psychosocial Support for GBV survivors in Galkayo
GRT Psychosocial Guide
MOWDAFA Gender Policy 2008
Gender Based Violence Scale-up Strategy
UNHCR GRT Psychosocial Counselling and Social Work English | Somali
References & Useful Links
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