Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF)

The Common Humanitarian Fund (CHF) for Somalia, established in June 2010 by the Humanitarian Coordinator, is an important country-level finance tool which provides quick, predictable and strategic funding to UN agencies, international and local NGOs working in Somalia.

The Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) for Somalia manages the CHF with support from OCHA as the CHF Secretariat and Managing Agent, and the UNDP Multi-Partner Trust Fund Office as the Administrative Agent of the Fund. Clusters review and recommend proposals submitted to the CHF.

An Advisory Board consisting of four NGOs, four UN agencies, and donor agencies provide strategic and policy guidance of the Fund to the HC. The CHF was upgraded from the Humanitarian Response Fund in order to provide larger and more strategic funding to high-priority, under-funded projects in the Consolidated Appeal through biannual standard allocations to support aid agencies in response to the most urgent humanitarian needs.



For management and policy: Fund Manager

Risk Management and M&E Policies: Samuel Kihara, Robin Glinka

Cluster coverage;
Food Security, Protection & Logistics, Education, and Enabling Programmes: Afifa Ismail, Eva Kiti
Health, and Nutrition:  Patricia Nyimbae Agwaro, Umikalthum Noor
WASH, Shelter & Non-Food Items: John Ndiku, Mary-Bernadette Obadha

For information on Finance and Audit: Robin Glinka , Eric Kundu

CHF Online Database: Justus Vundi (Skype: chfonlinedatabase)

Administration and general support: Evalyne Lwemba


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