CHF Database

  1. Online registration. If your NGO does not appear in the list of organisations, please send your organisation's profile to to add your organisation to the database;
  2. Receive approval from OCHA Somalia through email;
  3. Access the online database and apply;  
  4. Submit application to OCHA Somalia for cluster review and approval – this locks the application from further editing by the applicant;
  5. Review by OCHA Somalia. During the review process, the application may be unlocked for the applying organisation to make changes;    
  6. Once approved/rejected, the applicant will be notified accordingly;
  7. Budget revision and submission for approval by OCHA Somalia (optional);
  8. Submit interim report;  
  9. Submit final report.                                 

For a step-by-step guide to using the database, please download the CHF database How-to Manual.