First Standard Allocation 2015
First Standard Allocation Document 2015
CHF Update 2015 Allocation Strategy
2015 List of provisionally approved projects


Reserve Allocation 2014
CHF Reserve Allocation Strategy
Annexes to the CHF Reserve Allocation Strategy
Final Minutes of the CHF Advisory Board
Somalia CHF Update


First Standard Allocation 2014
List 1 of Approved Projects
First Standard Allocation Document 2014
CHF Guidance and Basic Definitions for the Budget Preparation
Timeline for 2014 CHF Standard Allocation


First Standard Allocation 2013
First Standard Allocation Document 2013
CHF Advisory Board meeting minutes [Apr. 2013]
List of Approved Projects
Scoring sheets - Health | Nutrition | Food Security | Shelter | WASH | Protection | Education


Second Standard Allocation 2012
Second Standard Allocation Update [14 Mar. 2013]
Second Standard Allocation Document 2012
Provisional List of Approved Projects
Scoring sheets - Health | Nutrition | Food Security | Shelter | WASH | Protection | Education


First Standard Allocation 2012
First Standard Allocation Update [13 Aug. 2012]
Provisional List of Approved Projects Signed by the HC
First Standard Allocation Projects 2012
Revised First Standard Allocation Document 2012
Scoring sheet - Health | Agriculture | Nutirtion | Shelter | WASH | Protection


Emergency Allocation 2011
Cluster Strategy for Emergency Allocation
Update on Emergency Allocation
Emergency Allocation Projects 2011


Second Standard Allocation 2011
Update on Second Standard Allocation Projects
Second Standard Allocation Document
List of Funded Projects
Additional Guidance on Food Access and IDP Envelopes
Guidelines on the Involvement of Somalia-based Staff and Coordination Mechanisms in the Process
Guidance Note - Process and Timeline of Second Standard Allocation


Drought Response 2011
Drought Response Update
Letter from HC - Allocation of CHF
List of funded projects
Position Paper on Drought Response


First Standard Allocation 2010
First Standard Allocation Document- Priorities per Cluster and Region
Scoring Sheet - WASH
Scoring Sheet - Nutrition
Scoring Sheet - Health
Scoring Sheet - Agriculture & Livelihoods
HC letter to Advisory Board on Recommended Projects not Funded
HC Letter to increase Allocation to $20 million
Update on first standard allocation projects
First Standard Allocation Funded Projects


Emergency Reserve
Emergency Reserve 2010
Emergency Reserve 2011
Emergency Reserve 2012