How to Apply

Organizations are required to submit their bank information concurrently with submitting proposals. It is encouraged to use an international bank account. Dahabshiil Money Transfer may be utilized but will be more time consuming and relies on the organization's capacity to pre-finance project activities. Forms to be submitted are:

International bank account: Bank information form, a third party form and a bank statement.

Dahabshiil Money Transfer: Vendor form and a third party form.                            

All organizations should follow the standard templates provided by OCHA when submitting an application to the CHF Database. Any deviation from these templates or incomplete submissions can result in substantial delay in receiving a response. Applicants should ensure that all proposals meet the outlined objectives of the CHF, complement other actors' activities, and are coordinated with local government authorities. 

Budget Guidelines
CHF Guidelines
CHF Somalia Budgetary Guidelines


Declaration of any previous or pending Legal Processes
Declaration of Conflict of Interest
Audit checklist
Bank Information Form
Request Form for Revisions (budgetary, locations, activities and no-cost extensions)
Third Party Request Form
Vendor form


Reference Documents
Memorandum of Understanding to establish a CHF for Somalia
Standard Administrative Agent form