Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment is one of the four major pillars of the SHF Somalia Accountability Framework. Its main aim is to ensure that Fund management is equipped with the necessary information about the capacities of the non-governmental partners that have access to SHF Somalia funding.

The questionnaire for Capacity Assessment, which included 50 questions for systematically reviewing the institutional, technical, management and financial capacities of partners by a selected independent contractor, was developed jointly with UN agencies and adjusted accordingly during the exercise, based on the lessons learned and experiences obtained in the process. Data and information were collected by in independent contractor during the visits to 169 offices in Somalia (78%) and in Nairobi (22%), with some partners visited up to three times.

The scoring was conducted based on the following pre-defined weighting of individual results: 20% of the score accounted for a partner’s general institutional capacity; 20% for its technical capacity; 30% for its management capacity; and 30% for its financial capacity. Based on the analysis of 50 questions within these four categories and after consulting with different stakeholders, partners were considered eligible to receive SHF funding if all of the following four criteria were met:

  1. The partner is registered or authorized to work in Somalia by Federal, Regional, District or Local authorities;
  2. The partner received a minimum overall score of 50% during the Capacity Assessment;
  3. The partner did not receive a score below 50% in more than one of the four categories;
  4. The partner is currently not subject to OIOS investigation or RMU assessment.

As of December 2016, 66 SHF partners are considered eligible to receive SHF funding.

Eligible partners are, based on their individual score obtained, categorized in three risk-level categories, which (together with the location and activity risk levels) determine the appropriate risk mitigation measures and assurance activities within the SHF Somalia Accountability Framework. The three risk level categories determined based on the exercise are:

  • High risk for partners scoring between 50 and 65 per cent;
  • Medium for partners scoring between 65 and 80 per cent;
  • Low risk for partners scoring above 80 per cent.