How to Apply

The SHF provides grants to international and national NGOs and UN agencies to fund activities identified jointly by the humanitarian country team as most urgent.

Organizations submit application proposals through an online system called the Grant Management System (GMS). In addition, organizations are required to update their due diligence information through the same online platform.

Organizations wishing to submit applications are required to follow the standard templates provided by OCHA when submitting applications to the SHF Grant Management System. Any deviation from these templates or incomplete submissions can result in substantial delays in receiving response. Applicants need to ensure that all proposals meet the outlined objectives of the SHF, complement other actors’ activities and are coordinated with local government authorities. 


Guideline Documents
Policy Instruction [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook [EN - FR - AR]
Operational Handbook - Annexes [zip file] - AR
CBPF Guidelines: Q&A [EN - FR - AR]
Vision Paper: OCHA Country - Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs) and Beyond [EN - FR - AR]