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The South Sudan CHF in 2015 aimed to realize about US$90 million to ensure that the fund remains a strategic tool with a meaningful impact. This corresponds to approximately 6 per cent of the requirements of the 2015 Humanitarian Response Plan for South Sudan.

The CHF has to date received a total of $76.5 million from ten donor countries including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Australia, Belgium, Germany and Italy. An additional $562,430 from the Government of Italy was also committed to the fund during the month of September, making Italy the newest donor to the fund.

A total of $85.5 million have been allocated since the beginning of the year, $59.7 million was allocated under the first standard allocation to 95 projects, $23.8 million was allocated to 74 projects under the second standard allocation, and $1.8 million was allocated to two projects through the reserve.

New contributions are needed to continue addressing most critical humanitarian needs. Apart from the country-level donations, individual donations can be done here:

Information on the past projects funded by the CHF can be found here:

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