How to Apply and Report

How to Apply and Report

The CHF standard allocation mechanism is used to allocate CHF resources and to ensure funding for priority projects in the Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP) framework. The first standard allocation round is held early in the year. A second round takes place after the CAP mid-year review, if sufficient funds are available. A strategy paper and a timeline are launched for each allocation to highlight priorities. CHF applications are submitted to cluster coordinators using the Standard Allocation template, Project Summary template  and Project Budget template.

To prepare for unforeseen circumstances, a specified amount of funds or percentage of the CHF is kept in the CHF reserve to allow for rapid and flexible allocations. Projects within or outside the CAP are eligible for CHF reserve funds. Applications are submitted to cluster coordinators using the CHF Reserve template, Project Summary and Project Budget template. They are also copied to the CHF Technical secretariat (

The CHF uses the clusters’ defined Standard Output Indicators to measure the achievements of projects funded through standard and reserve allocations. Each project must select at least three of the cluster’s standard output indicators at the time of submitting the application. CHF recipients are expected to report against these indicators. The monitoring team will also look at the indicators to measure performance.

Revisions and extensions

CHF recipients are encouraged to adhere to the agreed grant duration and objectives. If an extension of duration or revision of budget and activities are required, a CHF recipient should use the Allocation Revision and No-Cost Extension template. The requests need the cluster coordinators’ endorsements.

Reporting Requirements and Templates

A narrative report is submitted to the CHF Technical Secretariat at midterm and end of the project. For projects with a duration of less than six months, only a final narrative report is required. The reporting template are sent to the partners at least one month before the reporting due date.

Financial reporting is submitted by NGOs to UNDP (as Managing Agent for NGO partners) on a quarterly basis prior to requesting payment for the next quarter. UN agencies submit estimated expenditures at midterm and end of the project to the CHF Technical Secretariat, with the final certified financial reporting submitted to the MPTF Office in New York on an annual basis.

For any questions, please contact the CHF Technical secretariat: