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Hurricane Irma: Humanitarian partners deploy pre-positioned teams and supplies to begin recovery efforts and assessments

09 Sep 2017
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Irma is now a category 4 hurricane. Some fluctuations in intensity are likely to continue as it approaches Cuba and Florida. 

Barbuda and St. Martins remain the most gravely affected islands. There have been limited reports from the Turks and Caicos Islands but damage is expected to be critical. Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Haiti were also affected by the storm’s passage, but damage is reported to be localized and not nationwide.

The number of dead and missing is expected to rise as communications and access are gradually restored across the Caribbean.

Several organizations are deploying pre-positioned teams and supplies to begin recovery efforts and assessments as quickly as possible.

Ongoing response

Antigua and Barbuda. Credit: UNDAC/Silva Lauffer

CDEMA continues to monitor the system and provide updates. The agency’s Regional Response Mechanism (RRM) and Regional Coordination Center (RCC) are fully active. The CARICOM Disaster Relief Unit (CDRU), Disaster Assessment and Coordination (CDAC) team and Operational Support Team (COST) are also on standby.

CDEMA is sending a COST team into Antigua to conduct assessments. The team will then move to Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands to do the same.

The National Emergency Operations Centers (COE) are active in several Caribbean countries and remain on alert in the different ports and marinas to prevent human and material losses.
Humanitarian regional partners are monitoring the situation and are in contact with their sub-offices in the Caribbean. 

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