Common Humanitarian Fund

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The Sudan CHF is a multi-donor pooled fund under the HC’s direction. It supports the timely allocation and disbursement of funds to Sudan’s most critical humanitarian needs.

The CHF is used for projects included in the Sudan HWP, with the exception of Emergency Reserve allocations, which respond to sudden-onset and unforeseen humanitarian needs. This includes projects classified as “Humanitarian” and “Early Recovery” categories in the HWP. In 2012, the CHF allocated $76.8 million.

The CHF was born out of the 2004 Humanitarian Reform initiative, which called for improved predictability and accountability in financing for humanitarian emergencies.


Fund allocations

The CHF provides grants to UN humanitarian agencies and, via UNDP, to international and national NGOs. It funds activities identified by humanitarian partners as the most urgent in the HWP. CHF allocations are made in three ways:

  • Special allocations are made for procuring core pipeline supplies used by partners in life-saving sectors.
  • Standard allocations, through which most funds are granted, are made in rounds throughout the year after a consultative process.
  • The Emergency Reserve, a rapid response mechanism, allows for approximately 10 per cent of CHF funds to address unforeseen emergency needs as they arise.


CHF funds come from UN Member State contributions. Since its inception in 2006, eight donors have contributed more than $1 billion to the CHF.

Donor Contributions During 2013 (some contributions during Q4 2013 will fund 2014 projects)

Donors and carry over Paid Contributions (US$)
Ireland 3,213,070
Denmark 3,575,898
The Netherlands 2,250,000
Norway 10,328,267
Sweden 14,516,349
United Kingdom 37,239,200

Fund Management

The HC is responsible for the use and management of the CHF. The OCHA Humanitarian Financing Section provides technical support to the HC on CHF allocations while the UNDP Fund Management Unit (FMU) acts as the CHF Administrative Agent. The FMU also acts as the Managing Agent for all CHF-funded NGO projects. The CHF Advisory Group is comprised of members of the humanitarian community representing the views of the donors, the UN Country Team (UNCT) and the NGO community and provides strategic guidance and advice to the HC in managing the CHF and its policies. The CHF Advisory Group also provides a forum for Representatives and the HC to discuss funding gaps and share information on funding coverage.

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For more information on development and humanitarian financing in Sudan, visit the Multi Partner Trust Fund Office.