Standard allocations of the Sudan CHF happen once or twice per year.

Emergency Reserve allocations occur on an ad hoc basis to cover new emergencies or critical gaps.

Key Documents for 2014

Dates  Activity Description Stakeholders involved
January 9 @ 9 AM Submission of Concept Note Deadline for implementing partners to submit concept notes online Implementing Partners 
January 12 to 21 Programmatic Review Groups (PRG) Sector Leads convene meetings of sector experts to review and score concept notes and to put forward an envelope of concepts for AG review/sector defence. OCHA UNDP
Sector Leads
January 21 to 23 Mock Sector Defences Sector Leads defend sector strategy and envelope of concept notes to CHF Working Group  WG
January 26 to 30 Sector Defences (28 and 29) Sector Leads defend sector strategy and envelope of concept notes to CHF Advisroy Group  AG
February 1 Announcement of pre-selected implementing partners Announced which concept notes have been pre-approved for CHF Funding OCHA
February 1 to 13 Project Proposal Drafting Pre Selected Implementing Partners pre-approved for funding draft full CHF project propsals Implementing partners
February 13 Submission of Project Proposals Pre Selected Implementing partners submit project proposals online Implementing partners
February 13 to March 13 Technical Review of Proposals The Technical Review Group consisting of programme and budget experts review the proposals to ensure they are of acceptable quality. OCHA UNDP
Sector Leads
February 13 to March 20 Preparation of Standard Allocation Letters Once the Technical Review Groups determines that a proposal meets the required standards OCHA prepares allocation letters for the HC's signature OCHA
February 13 to March 20 HC Approval  HC reviews and approves the proposals and allocation letters HC
February 13 to March 31 Finalization of PPAs and Contracting  As soon as projects are approved UNDP FMU finalizes PPAs and contracts with partners.  UNDP FMU
1 April to 31 March 2015 Reporting on implementation Partners submit financial and narrative reports to UNDP and OCHA respectively (through database) Implementing partners