Biannual (formerly Quarterly) Updates

17 Feb 2011
Humanitarian Update: Returns to Southern Sudan - 17 February 2011
Key Issues:

- The total number of returnees arriving in the South since 30 October has reached close to 220,000.

- Although the pace of returns continues at a slower rate, partners are planning for a renewed surge in returns.

- Insecurity is occurring in areas of northern Jonglei where returnees have settled, although the humanitarian impact of fighting remains uncertain.

- Land allocation remains the most challenging aspect of the return and reinsertion process....

18 Jan 2011
Sudan Humanitarian Update 4th Quarter 2010

In the last quarter of 2010, the focus in Sudan was primarily on preparations for the historic referendum on the status of southern Sudan, with voting scheduled to take place from 9 to 15 January 2011.

While every effort is being made to ensure that the referendum takes places peacefully and that the outcome is respected, it is widely acknowledged that the referendum could contribute to inter-communal tensions in Sudan, with potentially serious consequences...

27 Dec 2010

Humanitarian actors continue to focus on gaining access and meeting humanitarian needs after recent fighting in North Darfur and South Darfur following the collapse of the peace process. Because of the on-going situation there has been very limited access to affected populations. An estimated 44,385 people have been newly displaced. Southerners residing in northern Sudan continue to return to southern Sudan in large numbers. A total of 95,000...

10 Nov 2010
Sudan Humanitarian Update 3rd Quarter 2010

Events in Darfur between 1 July and 30 September were dominated by security developments that had a significant impact on the ability of humanitarian partners to provide assistance. Despite major challenges in some localized areas, the humanitarian situation remained stable in many parts of Darfur, as shown by comparing several major sector indicators from the third quarter 2010 with the same time last year.

Security and access constraints affect assistance


31 Oct 2010
Humanitarian Update Southern Sudan Issue 5, September and October 2010

- In the context of the upcoming January 2011 referendums, the humanitarian community is taking a number of steps to be prepared in the event of referendum-related violence.

- The tropical disease kala-azar continues to plague parts of the South, with an increase of cases in September. Access to health facilities has been hampered by rains, which have led to delayed diagnosis and treatment.