Humanitarian Bulletins (English)

23 Jan 2014
Sudan: Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 03 | 13 – 19 January 2014 [EN/AR]


More people are arriving in border states of Sudan fleeing the armed violence in South Sudan, with current estimates closer to 20,000, according to UNHCR

Humanitarian agencies have provided humanitarian assistance to arrivals from South Sudan in South and West Kordofan while verification, pre-positioning and dispatching of relief aid is continuing

Returns to Um Dukhun town and surrounding villages in Central Darfur have...

17 Jan 2014
Sudan: Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 02 | 6 – 12 January 2014 [EN/AR]


  • HAC and IOM report that some 3,800 people from South Sudan received assistance as of 12 January

  • According to humanitarian organisations in Um Dukhun, Central Darfur, over the past week several thousand people have returned to various locations around Um Dukhun town

  • An estimated 16,500 people affected by conflict between the SAF and SLA-MM in 2013 in East Darfur are in need of aid, according to...

05 Jan 2014
Sudan: Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 01 | 30 December 2013 – 5 January 2014 [EN/AR]


  • Humanitarians in East Darfur are preparing to respond to a possible influx of an estimated 10,000 people from South Sudan.

  • An estimated 45,000 people displaced due to inter-tribal conflict in East Darfur require humanitarian assistance.

  • In South Kordofan, an estimated 1,000 people fled their homes in El Abassiya and Rashad localities following recent fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF...

29 Dec 2013
Sudan: Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 52 | 23 - 29 December 2013 [EN/AR]


  • The humanitarian community in Sudan is getting ready to provide humanitarian assistance initially to an estimated 350,000 people from South Sudan
  • An estimated 6.1 million people will need humanitarian assistance in 2014, according to the UN Strategic response plan for 2014.
  • Some 4,700 Sudanese refugees who have returned to Central Darfur from Chad in December are receiving assistance.
  • Some 1,000 people...
26 Dec 2013
Sudan: Humanitarian Bulletin Sudan Issue 51 | 16 - 22 December 2013 [EN/AR]


· The Darfur Hotline is empowering an estimated 265,000 displaced people living in IDP camps in West Darfur.

· An estimated 55,000 people have been displaced in South Darfur due to inter-tribal fighting, according to HAC and community leaders.

· North Darfur to gain more midwives with the establishment of a Midwife Training Center in the state.

· HAC reports some 19,500 people have returned from various places in...