Policy and management

Key Documents
SHF 2016 Basic Facts and Figures
SHF 2016 Allocation Paper
SHF 2016 Operational Manual [AR]
SHF 2016 Positioning Paper


The HC for Sudan oversees the fund and decides on funding allocations. In its role, the HC is supported by the SHF Technical Unit in the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) including the fund’s managing agent UNDP Fund Management Unit (FMU), SHF Advisory Group and IASC coordination structures.

The SHF Advisory Group represents the views of donors, the UN agencies and both the international and national NGO community and provides strategic advice to the HC on SHF allocations, policies and governance. It is a forum to share information on funding gaps and coverage, ensuring the transparency and relevance of SHF allocations, to review the operational activities of the fund and undertake periodic risk analysis.

The Operational Manual defines the country-specific regulations that govern the SHF. It is designed within the framework provided by the Operational Handbook for Country-Based Pooled Funds (CBPFs), which describes the global set of rules that apply to all CBPFs worldwide, and adapts specific aspects of these global guidelines to the humanitarian context in Sudan.

The SHF positioning for 2016 aims to make the funding more predictable and allows donors and other funding mechanisms to complement the Sudan Humanitarian Fund. The poisoning of the fund is valid for 2016 and will be reviewed annually.


Management of the SHF

The SHF Technical Unit handles programmatic aspects and provides daily fund management support to the HC, which includes oversight of allocations, reporting, monitoring and other accountability processes.

UNDP FMU supports the SHF Technical Unit, performs disbursement to UN Agencies as delegated by the administrative agent (MPTF) and is responsible for fund management related to non-governmental partners (contracting, disbursement, financial reporting).