Jordan Country Office

Recognising the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis inside Syria, the systemic gaps in coordination, and following the adoption of UN Security Council resolutions 2139, 2165 and 2191, humanitarian actors operating inside Syria from Damascus and from neighbouring countries launched the “Whole of Syria” (WOS) approach to develop a principled, predictable and coherent response to prioritized humanitarian needs through in-country and cross border operations.

A Cross-Border Task Force in Jordan operates under RC/HC’s stewardship, has been established as a senior strategic and decision-making body to oversee strategic coordination of cross border activities as part of the WOS approach. Comprising both country focused and region partners, the Cross Border Task Team aims to develop common policies and response strategies to deliver humanitarian assistance in Syria through cross border assistance. With OCHA Jordan’s support, an Inter-Sector/Cluster Working Group (ISCWG), along with five sector working groups (WASH, Health and Nutrition, Food Security, Logistics, and NFI/Shelter), complement the work of the Cross-Border Task Force.

OCHA Jordan also administers the Jordan Emergency Response Fund (ERF) which addresses the urgent humanitarian needs and gaps in Jordan and the activities for the implementation of cross-border operations under UNSCRs 2165 and 2191. The Jordan ERF target amount for 2015 is US$10 million.