Central America Floods: UN launches US$14.3m appeal for Nicaragua

28 October, 2011
People being evacuated from flooding in el Jicaral, in Nicaragua. Source: Sinapred
People being evacuated from flooding in el Jicaral, in Nicaragua. Source: Sinapred

The United Nations called today for US$14.3 million to help 134,000 Nicaraguans deal with severe flooding over the next six months.

“This emergency situation has been unfolding since 10 October and is still evolving. It is truly a disaster in the making,” says Mr. Pablo Mandeville, UN Resident Coordinator in Nicaragua.

Heavy rainfall throughout the country has caused flooding and landslides, severely damaging property, vital infrastructure, agricultural crops and the environment.

Over 10,000 houses have been affected.  More than 10,000 people are in emergency shelters, and many others have sought refuge in schools, communal centres and churches.

Water sources and latrines have also been affected raising concern about disease outbreak.

Access to remote areas is still limited, as many roads are blocked by debris or isolated by flooding and landslides. The RC warned that needs will probably increase in the coming weeks, especially as rains continue throughout the region.

“Nicaragua is one of the most vulnerable countries, natural disasters are recurrent.  Humanitarian assistance is urgently needed to complement the Government’s very effective efforts,” said the Resident Coordinator.

Addressing a Member States briefing in Geneva, he urged strong support “to assure that the most vulnerable, who have lost their homes and livelihoods, receive urgent assistance, as well as support for setting the foundation for a life after the disaster.”

This is the second Appeal to be launched this week by the UN in response to the flooding in the Central American region.  On Tuesday, the UN issued a US$ 15.7 million Appeal for El Salvador.

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