CERF releases 2010 Annual Report

27 April, 2011
CERF Annual Report 2010
CERF Annual Report 2010

In 2010, CERF was a part of the response to nearly every major crisis and several other emergencies that received far less media attention. The $415 million allocated through CERF to humanitarian agencies helped more than 22 million people in 45 countries. Dozens of Member States, corporations, and private individuals invested nearly $430 million in CERF last year - a remarkable show of support and solidarity in tough economic times.

The CERF 2010 Annual Report illustrates the difference CERF made last year through examples of the fund’s impact on the lives of those in need. In Haiti, humanitarian agencies were able to kick-started a massive aid operation within hours of the catastrophic January earthquake and in Madagascar, a $4.7 million CERF contribution helped stop a locust outbreak that threatened hundreds of thousands of people. Other examples of CERF-supported humanitarian projects can be found in the CERF multimedia gallery. The report also includes statistical data about trends for 2010 allocations and contributions made to the fund, including a ten percent increase in funding over 2009.

Ultimately, CERF is a partnership between donors and beneficiaries, and OCHA is keenly aware of the need to be accountable to both.  The report shows how CERF contributions were used in 2010 and how CERF will continue to deliver impressive results in the future.

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Download the Annual Report (PDF - 8.5 MB)
CERF website
Top 10 CERF Recipients (PDF)
CERF Contributors and Recipients (map) (PDF)
Rapid Response Allocations (PDF) 
Allocations for Underfunded emergencies (map) (PDF)
CERF Funding by Country (map) (PDF)
Total Allocations by Country (PDF)
2010 Contributions (PDF)
Allocations by Sector (PDF)
Allocations by Agency (PDF)


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