UN condemns bombardment of refugee camp in South Sudan

11 November, 2011
Meeting with Nuba refugees at Yida Camp. Credit: SUDO UK
Meeting with Nuba refugees at Yida Camp. Credit: SUDO UK

Lisa Grande, the UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, today strongly condemned yesterday’s aerial bombardment which struck a temporary camp for displaced people and refugees in South Sudan.

Five bombs hit the area of Yida, in Unity State, on the afternoon of 10 November, with two shells falling directly inside the shelter site. One shell fell near a temporary school. The number of casualties has yet to be confirmed.

“The 10 November attack in Yida has put innocent civilians at extreme risk,” said Ms. Grande. “Many of the people in Yida have travelled miles to escape violence and are in a highly vulnerable condition. The bombing in Yida has severely disrupted the humanitarian operation just as we need to scale up our aid.”

The World Food Programme (WFP) and implementing partners have been forced to suspend emergency food distributions, and humanitarian personnel have been evacuated from the area in the wake of the attack.

A core number of humanitarian workers remain to ensure essential assistance continues, including the provision of medical care, water and sanitation, and the distribution of airlifted food.

Humanitarian workers plan to resume assistance missions following a security assessment. Alternative sites to support the refugee and displaced population are also being prepared further south in South Sudan.

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