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International Women’s Day: “We have great opportunities to carry the voice of vulnerable people”

... time for a change. Not one for easy assignments, in July 2011 she took a job with OCHA’s office in Afghanistan . Sarah is a ... more than most. Challenge and loss In March 2011, during a mission to Moroto in remote northern Uganda, she contracted a ...

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Yemen: How aid is changing lives for the better

... from Oxfam to help recover from the humanitarian crisis in 2011. She received a gift of three sheep from the NGO Oxfam. Now she can ... crises in the world.  Political upheaval in 2011 led to large-scale displacement, localised civil conflict, and political ...

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South Sudan: People want peace and reconciliation, says UN Humanitarian Chief

... security since South Sudan’s independence in July 2011. The agricultural and fishing industries, which generate jobs for 78 per ...

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Somalia and Yemen: Urgent action needed to prevent worsening crises

... window to do what’s needed to prevent a repeat of 2011.” “Failure to act decisively to address humanitarian ... John Ging. “All the signs we saw before 2011’s severe famine are here – reduced humanitarian access, ...

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Japan: Disaster, disability and a community’s revival

... says Yusuke Ishimori, a young survivor of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated communities along Japan’s ... long-term solution for those who lost their homes in 2011—are slowly becoming available. The apartments are limited in ...

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