Environmental Emergencies: Archive


Honduras - Hurricane Felix Rapid Environmental Assessment - Honduras- Hurricane Felix - September 2007
Jamaica - Hurricane Dean Report of UNDAC Mission to Jamaica after Hurricane Dean - August 2007
Kosovo - Forest Fires Fire Situation Assessment - July 2007
Madagascar- Cyclones and Flooding Rapid Environmental Assessment- Cyclones and Flooding - March 2007
Mexico - Floods Rapid Environmental Assessment - Mexico - Floods Chiapas and Tabasco - November 2007
Mongolia - Cyanide and Mercury pollution Sodium Cyanide and Mercury pollution and mining related environmental emergencies in Mongolia - July 2007
Peru - Earthquake Rapid Environmental Assessment- Earthquake- August 2007 (Spanish only)

Unofficial English translation of the recommendations of the Rapid Environmental Assessment

Republic of Korea - Oil Spill Rapid Environmental Assessment "Hebei Spirit" Oil Spill - Republic of Korea - December 2007
Turkey - environmental emergencies capacity assessment Environmental Emergencies Capacity Assessment in Turkey
Ukraine - Oil Spill Report of European Commission MIC Mission to Oil Spill, Kerch Strait, Ukraine - November 2007 (EN)

Report of European Commission MIC Mission to Oil Spill, Kerch Strait, Ukraine - November 2007 (UKR)

Uruguay - Floods Environmental Assesment - UNDAC mission to Floods - May 2007 (Spanish only)

Unofficial English translation of the conclusions and recommendations of the Rapid Environmental Assessment


Indonesia - Hot Mud Hot Mud Flow East Java, Indonesia: final technical report
Ivory Coast - Waste Dumping UNDAC Report on Urban Hazardous Waste Dumping, Ivory Coast - September 2006
Lebanon - Lebanon Crisis Report on Environmental Emergency Response to the Lebanon Crisis
Pakistan- Earthquake Environmental Emergency Response to the South Asia Earthquake
Suriname- Floods Update on environmental aspects of Suriname floods - May 2006
Yemen - Environmental Emergencies and Contingency Planning workshop Environmental Emergencies Training and Contingency Planning Workshop, Yemen

Guidelines for Contingency Planning (available in Arabic only)

Guidelines on Rapid Environmental Assessment (available in Arabic only)


Cameroon - Dam Assessment Lake Nyos Dam Assessment
Guatemala - Hurricane Stan Guatemala - Environmental Impacts from Hurricane Stan - October 2005
Guyana - Floods Guyana Floods - January 2005
Iran - Environmental Emergencies Centre Towards an Iranian Environmental Emergencies Centre - July 2005
Pakistan - Earthquake Update on Joint Unit Activities in Pakistan following South Asia Earthquake
Peru - Forest Fires Forest Fire - July 2005


Asia - Tsunami Tsunami - Sri Lanka Report
Tsunami - Indonesian Report
REA Report Maldives
Rapid Environmental Assessment at the Kalma, Otash and Bajoum Camps
D.R. Congo - Mine collapse Shinkolobwe

Assessment Mission of the Shinkolobwe Uranium Mine - I
Assessment Mission of the Shinkolobwe Uranium Mine - II
Radiological Report on an Inter-Agency mission to the Shinkolobwe mine site Democratic Republic of Congo
Mine Uranifère de Shinkolobwe - Mission d'évaluation de la situation environnementale (Rapport préliminaire)
Mine Uranifère de Shinkolobwe - Mission d'évaluation de la Situation humanitaire
Rapport complémentaire sur la situation environnementale à la mine uranifère de Shinkolobwe en République démocratique du Congo

Haiti - Floods UNDAC Mission 22 September - 7 October
Seychelles - Tropical Storm Seychelles - Tropical Storm - Mission Report
Tanzania - Maziwa Ng'ombe Tanzania - Pemba Island Environmental Assessment


Kosovo and Serbia and Montenegro - Phenol spill into a river system Phenol Spill in Sitnica and Ibar River System UNEP/OCHA Assessment Mission
Morocco - Inland oil spill Rapport Intermediaire de Mission d'Evaluation dans la region de Skhirat
Pakistan - Oil spill in the Port of Karachi Tasman Spirit Oil Spill - Assessment Report 
Seychelles - Tropical storm Tropical Depression Storm over Praslin and its Satellites Islands in Seychelles



Bolivia - Floods

Environmental report: Floods in La Paz, Bolivia
Democratic Republic of Congo - Nyiragongo Volcano Eruption UNDAC mission report: Eruption of volcano, Eastern DRC
Nigeria - Munitions Dump Explosion UNDAC report: Munitions depot explosion in Lagos  
Republic of Djibouti - Toxic Chemical Spill Expert report: Mission Port of Djibouti
Syria - Dam Collapse UNDAC mission report: Dam collapse in Hama province 
Vietnam - Forest Fires Expert report: Fire incident in U Minh Ha forest and U Minh Thuong national park  



Guinea - Floods

UNDAC report: Floods in Upper Guinea
Islamic Republic of Iran - Floods Draft interagency Mission report: Floods in Golestan, Iran
Mongolia - Dzud (Harsh winter conditions) (not available at the moment)
Uzbekistan - Drought  OCHA-UNEP-WHO mission report: Drought in Western Uzbekistan


Chernobyl - A continuing catastrophe