Fast Facts

Yemen is the poorest country in the Arab world. It has extreme water scarcity, conflict, soaring food prices, a growing population and collapsing state services. Every night, a third of the Yemeni people (over 5 million people) go to bed hungry. Yemen’s malnutrition levels are among the world’s highest. In some parts of the country, one in three children is malnourished.

These factors have all created a daily struggle for survival for millions of people — including 100,000 displaced by recent fighting in the south, thousands of refugees from the Horn of Africa and 300,000 displaced by previous conflict in the north. These problems are likely to get worse as the violence and instability continues.

OCHA recognizes that the challenges to reach and meet the urgent needs of Yemen’s most vulnerable are huge, especially in the context of a volatile security situation. In 2012 OCHA will step up its efforts to improve access to the entire affected population and continue focusing on the coordination of humanitarian action, humanitarian reporting, advocacy and resource mobilization.

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