About OCHA Yemen

The OCHA Yemen Country Office was established in the capital, Sana’a, in 2010 in response to the humanitarian crisis brought about by widespread flooding in Yemen. Several sub-offices were later created across the country to help address humanitarian needs that were present as a result of decades of poverty, underdevelopment, environmental decline, intermittent conflict, weak rule of law, and widespread human rights violations. In March 2015, conflict escalated between forces loyal to the internationally-recognized Government of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and those allied to the Houthi movement. Since that time, continuing conflict, widespread insecurity and violence, restrictions on movements and disruptions on commercial imports, and failed attempts at peace have made the situation worse. The speed and scale of the deterioration is alarming. The economy is near collapse, public and private services have all but disappeared, and Yemenis have lost most of their livelihoods and depleted most of their saving.  Yemen has turned into a major humanitarian and protection crisis where the average citizen is facing tremendous hardships and the most vulnerable populations are struggling simply to survive.


Given the rapidly deteriorating situation, Yemen was declared a System Wide IASC Level 3 Emergency (L3) in July 2015. This designation was again reconsidered in February 2017 and extended.  OCHA’s presence has been continual, across the country, since the escalation of conflict in March 2015. Within the L3 framework, expanding operational presence has been a key priority for the Yemen operation.  OCHA has put significant efforts to deploy staff in the four Operational Hubs of Al Hudaydah, Ibb, Sa’ada and Aden. In addition to the main office in Sanaa (which also includes the 5th operational hub for the central governorates), a supporting Yemen office operates from Amman. The Amman hub leads the areas of information management; communications and reporting; analysis; humanitarian financing; and administration. A small team based in Riyadh also supports the Yemen operation. This office focuses mainly on de-confliction support to all humanitarian operations in Yemen for overland movement, flights and shipping of humanitarian goods, as well as ensuring an information and advocacy link between the Yemen Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) and representatives of the Saudi-led Coalition and Government of Yemen officials based in Riyadh. A UN Verification Mechanism team further supports the Yemen operation from Djibouti.


OCHA's overall goal in Yemen is to ensure the delivery of effective and principled humanitarian action that meets the needs of the most vulnerable people. To achieve this, OCHA supports the Humanitarian Coordinator and humanitarian partners in operational coordination, humanitarian financing, public information, humanitarian analysis, advocacy and information management.  To this end, OCHA works closely with the government and humanitarian partners at all levels to enhance the coherence and quality of humanitarian response.