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Donor Contributions

As of 30 May 2018, the Yemen Humanitarian Fund has received a total of US$78 million in contributions, which together with a carryover of US$63 million, brought the total available to US$141 million. In 2017, the Fund allocated $126 million to partners in support of life-saving assistance to more than 5 million people affected by conflict. This included supporting 111 projects of 53 partners through two Standard Allocations and three Reserve Allocations. Over $101 million was directed to NGOs (80 per cent), of which almost half went to national NGOs ($49.6 million).

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden and Denmark are the largest donors to the YHF in 2018. Additional contributions have also been received from 11 other countries so far.

Real time updates can be found on CBPF Business Intelligence website.

Complementarity with CERF Funding

In 2017, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) made two allocations totaling US$ 25.6 million through the Rapid Response window in support of the humanitarian response in Yemen. The YHF was used strategically in support of NGOs to complement and augment the activities conducted by UN agencies and funded through the CERF. Overall, the two funds allocated over $151 million.

In early 2018, and considering the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the country, the CERF contributed to one of the largest ever allocation, with $50 million provided to 5 UN agencies for life-saving interventions in Yemen.

Reporting on the HF Activities

The HC, supported by OCHA and in close consultation with the Cluster Coordinators,will publish a narrative Annual Report of the YHF activities based on information provided through the HFU by each participating UN organisation and NGO partner. The Annual Report will feature trends, best practices, lessons learned and challenges, and showcase success stories and achievements. The YHF Annual Report is issued around April-May covering the previous calendar year and posted online. In addition, OCHA HFU will generate periodic dashboards, funding updates, human interest stories and related documents on YHF activities in Yemen.

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