OCHA Funding

UN agencies and international organizations provide humanitarian and early recovery assistance in Zimbabwe under the Consolidated Appeal Process (CAP). This assistance addresses urgent needs until development programmes can make a meaningful impact on improving lives and livelihoods. Dozens of NGOs implement humanitarian and early recovery programmes funded outside the CAP. The CAP and a Common Humanitarian Action Plan are presented annually to the international community and donors.

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Funding to OCHA Zimbabwe


Donors USD
Requirements for 2013 3,046,923
Earmarked Contributions 695,120
European Commission (DG-ECHO)
Sweden (Sida)
Opening Balance ** 301,228
Total (Contributions + Opening Balance) *** 996,348
Funding (%) 33%
* In 2013 OCHA received unearmarked contributions from the following donors: Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia (Ausaid), Austria (ADA), Belgium, Canada (CIDA), China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (IRISH AID), Japan, Korea, Republic of (Korea), Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Namibia, Netherlands, New Zealand (MFAT), Norway, Poland, Russian Federation, Singapore, Sweden (MFA), Switzerland (DEZA), United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (DFID), United States (USA-PRM), United States (US-State-IO)
** May include unearmarked and earmarked funding with implementation dates beyond the calendar year
*** Excludes miscellaneous income (e.g. adjustments, gain/losses on exchange rate etc.)
Funding information from the OCHA Contributions Tracking System

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