Coordination Mechanisms

The HC/NGO Consultative Meeting

The HC/NGO Consultative meeting takes place quarterly and comprises the HC and heads of NGOs. It is chaired by the HC and meets to share information on humanitarian issues. OCHA acts as the secretariat to this meeting.

The Donor Technical Meeting

The Donor Technical meeting is an informal monthly meeting chaired by the Head of OCHA to discuss trends and developments in humanitarian funding. The purpose is to advocate with donors on critical areas of intervention. Participants are usually grant officers from the bilateral and multilateral donors.

Emergency Response Fund (ERF) Board Meeting

The ERF board meets bimonthly to deliberate on ERF issues as well as manage the fund to ensure the fund is well resourced to cover emergency gaps and shocks experienced in country. The board also reviews project proposals presented to it for emergency funding by NGOs. More on the ERF>>

Matebeleland NGO forum

This is the only regional coordination forum that brings together UN agencies, NGOs, government and private sector to discuss and coordinate on humanitarian issues affecting the region. It is chaired by Oxfam and actively facilitated by OCHA. It is convened on a monthly basis.

Cluster/Working Group Meetings

Cluster/Working group meetings occur monthly and are coordinated by the respective cluster leads. They are attended by cluster members, including representatives from government line ministries, and their objective is to strategise and coordinate humanitarian activities at cluster level, as well as share information on challenges and bottlenecks faced at operational level.

NGO Heads of Agencies Forum

The NGO Heads of agencies Forum meets monthly and comprises heads of participating NGOs. Its objectives are information sharing and joint advocacy on challenges in humanitarian and development action in Zimbabwe. OCHA attends the meeting to brief on the topical humanitarian issues of interest to NGOs. The participating NGOs also communicate to OCHA through this meeting on the issues that require follow up.