Humanitarian Bulletins

26 May 2014
Southern Africa Humanitarian Bulletin: Issue 15, May 2014


  • An estimated 383,261 people were affected by floods or storms and at least 117 people lost their lives during the 2013/2014 rainfall season.

  • Tropical Cyclone Hellen, which impacted Mozambique, Comoros and Madagascar in late March, was one of the most powerful cyclones ever recorded in the Mozambique Channel.

  • In Zimbabwe, the more than 15,625 people evacuated remain in dire living conditions....

17 Jan 2014
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Bulletin 01– 31 December 2013


  • Funding shortages continue to impede partners from delivering complete food baskets, with half rations being distributed in all but six districts.

  • Waterborne disease cases and deaths significantly exceed those reported throughout 2012, raising concern among partners.

  • Upsurge in unaccompanied minors assisted from Botswana and SA reported in December.

19 Dec 2013
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Bulletin 01 - 30 November 2013


  • A severe funding shortage has affected the Seasonal Targeted Assistance (STA) programme, prompting partners to distribute half rations in efforts to spread the limited resources.

  • A fresh cholera outbreak has been reported in Masvingo province after a five month reprieve.

  • Partners have observed a slump in irregular migrants deported from SA and Botswana, as well as Third Country Nationals...

25 Nov 2013
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Bulletin 01 September - 31 October 2013


  • Partners began the food response although a funding shortfall threatens to derail the programme.

  • Continued cases of waterborne diseases remain a concern to partners.

  • A spike in Zimbabwean deportees assisted from Botswana and South Africa was noted in October,

  • Humanitarian partners have begun initiatives to prepare communities for challenges associated with the rainy season.

24 Sep 2013
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Bulletin 01 July - 31 August 2013
  • A quarter of Zimbabwe’s rural population is expected to need food assistance in the lean season.

  • Acute malnutrition in all provinces remains below the national threshold although routine screening should be availed more widely so treatment can be availed to those in need.

  • Partners have employed an array of strategies in efforts to improve food and nutrition security.

  • Fluctuations in the number of Zimbabweans deported...