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03 Apr 2014
Communities struggle to rebuild their lives following devastating floods

Fadzai Tshuma was woken by her neighbours’ screaming in the early hours of 3 February. Awake and in a panic, she then heard the sound of water rushing through her village and into her home.

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21 Mar 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 6 (as of 21 March 2014)


  • According to the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) the total water inflow at the Tokwe Mukorsi dam is estimated at 86.97m3/s down from 105.28m3/s.

  • Meanwhile, dam levels across the country have increased during the course of this week. Chances of flooding in the flood prone areas remain high until the end of the rainy season.

  • To date 2,399 HH registration forms in Chingwizi Camp have been...

19 Mar 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 5 (as of 14 March 2014)


  • According to national authorities, movement of people from the dam basin has been completed.

  • Currently an estimated 2,800 households (HHs) are staying in Chingwizi camp.

  • An estimated 1,000 HHs did not receive any tents or tarpaulins and remain in need of urgent shelter assistance.

  • Water trucking continues with a capacity of 90,000 litres of water delivery per day.

  • A...

10 Mar 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 4 (as of 7 March 2014)


  • To date 3,338 households have been moved to Chingwizi resettlement camp.

  • The growing population at the camp makes planning difficult and is further straining limited facilities and resources.

  • Heavy rains at Chingwizi on 2 and 3 March have raised fresh shelter and health concerns.

  • There is sufficient food up to end of March, after which more support will be required.

  • ...

28 Feb 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 3 (as of 28 Feb 2014)


  • To date 2,194 households have been moved to the Chingwizi resettlement camp, with around 100 additional households arriving daily.

  • An estimated 1,056 ha of food crops were submerged by the floods, leading to a loss of 718 tons of potential harvest, thereby compromising food and nutrition security until the next harvest in 2015.

  • Humanitarian assistance continues, but gaps remain and are in some sectors increasing as...