OCHA Reports

28 Feb 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 3 (as of 28 Feb 2014)


  • To date 2,194 households have been moved to the Chingwizi resettlement camp, with around 100 additional households arriving daily.

  • An estimated 1,056 ha of food crops were submerged by the floods, leading to a loss of 718 tons of potential harvest, thereby compromising food and nutrition security until the next harvest in 2015.

  • Humanitarian assistance continues, but gaps remain and are in some sectors increasing as...

18 Feb 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No. 2 (as of 18 Feb 2014)


  • There is currently little risk of the Tokwe Mukorsi Dam bursting, according to national authorities.

  • An estimated 2,514 households affected by rising river levels upstream from the dam are being moved to a relocation site via 5 transit points. To date around 650 households have been relocated.

  • While the provision of aid is being stepped up, significant humanitarian needs remain at the transit points and relocation...

14 Feb 2014
Zimbabwe: Floods Situation Report No.1 (as of Friday 14 February 2014)


  • Incessant rains in early February resulted in floods that affected people around Tokwe-Mukorsi Dam.

  • Homesteads in the dam’s basin and downstream got flooded creating the need to relocate affected families.

  • Thousands of affected families who are either in transit or have recently been relocated urgently need humanitarian assistance.

07 Feb 2014
Zimbabwe: Flash Flood Update # 1 (as of 7 February 2014)

Heavy rains in parts of the country in late January and early February resulted in deaths and displacement of people, coupled with destruction of property. The worst affected areas are Chivi and Masvingo districts in Masvingo province and Tsholotsho district in Matabeleland North.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) in its hydrological update on 5 February warned that the country’s dam levels continue to increase due to the inflows from the rainfall...

09 Oct 2013
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Gaps Mid-Year Review 2013

I. Executive Summary

Zimbabwe continued making steady progress towards recovery and development since the launch of the 2013 humanitarian appeal. On the political front, the holding of a successful referendum ushered in a new Constitution in May. This was followed by peaceful elections in July marking the end of the Government of National Unity (GNU) that had been in place since February 2009, and introducing a new Government led by the Zimbabwe...