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30 Sep 2013
Zimbabwe: Emergency Response Fund Update, September 2013

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  • ERF Grants to Continue P.1

  • ERF Malaria Interventions P.2

29 Apr 2013
Zimbabwe: Emergency Response Fund Update, January - March 2013

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ERF Fundraising Activities P.1

ERF Interventions P.2

15 Feb 2013
Zimbabwe: Flood Update #5 (as of 8 February 2013)

Situation Overview

Rains have receded over the past two weeks but have left major infrastructure damages to roads, homesteads and schools. The meteorological department reported that the country has received the peak of rainfall for the season and that while more rains are expected, they should not cause major flooding incidents. The Met Department is monitoring cyclonic activities over Madagascar which may influence weather patterns in the country...

04 Feb 2013
Zimbabwe: Flood Update #4 (as of 1 February 2013)

Situation Overview

Rainfall signicantly receded in the past week, bringing relief to families that were aected by floods in late January. The Department of Meteorological Services reported that the forecast for the next ten days looks favourable with ‘spatial distribution of rainfall expected across the country’. The Meteorological Services Department further stated that the rainfall expected should not cause alarm for further flooding. The receding rainfall has...

28 Jan 2013
Zimbabwe: Flood Update #3 (as of 25 January 2013)

Flood waters subside but leave substantial damages to infrastructure; Some 8,490 people have been affected

Flood waters are slowly subsiding around the country including at the worst affected spot, Beitbrige where transportation came to a stand still and operations at the border crossing had to be halted on 19 and 20 January. The heavy downpours across Zimbabwe have destroyed road networks, houses and schools; in the worst instances floods have claimed lives through...