OCHA Reports

25 Jan 2013
Zimbabwe Flood Update #2 (as of 23 January 2013)

3 children die in Beitbridge, another 4,400 people affected by floods across Zimbabwe

Heavy rains this week continued to cause damage to lives and livelihoods, affecting an estimated 4,475 people across Zimbabwe whose houses have either been submerged in water or completely destroyed. In Beitbridge, three children died after a house collapsed following heavy rains and gashing floodwaters from the Limpopo river banks which burst after a rainstorm. Another couple was...

17 Jan 2013
Zimbabwe Flash Flood Update #1 (as of 18 January 2013)

Following heavy rains in parts of Zimbabwe, some provinces have reported ash oods and incidents related to heavy rainfall. This Flood Update is intended to provide partners with a quick overview of the current situation.
According to the Meteorological Department, moist conditions persisted across the country during the period 7 to 13 January 2013, resulting in moderate to heavy rainfall across the country. In some cases very heavy falls in excess of 100mm in 24 hours...

27 Nov 2012
Building resilience key to solving food insecurity

The image of Grace Mahembe, an elderly solitary figure hunched in a sandy field against the blazing heat of rural Mutare in Manicaland, paints a bleak picture of Zimbabwe’s food situation.

At the end of October, Grace was the only person working in the fields, ploughing in the hope of a miracle, although the planting season had not started and there was no sign of rain.


23 Nov 2012
Zimbabwe Humanitarian Gaps 2013

I. Executive Summary

The humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe has continued to improve and remains largely stable. This is due to the concerted effort by the Government of Zimbabwe, donors and other stakeholders to address the humanitarian needs arising from the challenges that the country faced over the last decade. Alongside these efforts, over the last three years, the recovery and development actors under the leadership of the Government of Zimbabwe have also...

20 Jul 2012
Mid-Year Review of the Consolidated Appeal for Zimbabwe 2012

Since the launch of the 2012 Consolidated Appeal (CAP) at the end of last year, Zimbabwe has continued to make steady progress towards recovery and development, with the general humanitarian situation remaining stable. However, humanitarian challenges remain, including drought-induced food insecurity mainly in the south of the country and outbreaks of typhoid and other water-borne diseases such as cholera which is predominantly in urban areas. In addition, a wide range of...