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2019 Humanitarian Policy Forum

On 13 December 2019, OCHA convened senior-level representatives from civil society, the business community, the philanthropic sector, faith communities, academia, the military and think tanks for its eighth annual Global Humanitarian Policy Forum (GHPF) under the theme “The Changing Global Landscape: What’s Next for Humanitarian Action?

For the first time, this year’s GHPF was co-hosted with the United Nations Foundation, which helps the UN mobilize ideas, people and resources to drive global progress and tackle urgent challenges, including those at the heart of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

At the Forum, six key trends emerged as critical to shaping the future of humanitarian response. These include: rising nationalism and the retreat from multilateralism; increased conflicts and the fracture of global norms; the rise of political, social and economic inequality; the accelerating impacts of climate change; new and emerging technologies; and the spread of infectious diseases.

These trends present a particularly complex landscape for humanitarian action.