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Job Opportunities
There is an increasing number of fake job offers circulating on the Internet and soliciting fees from applicants. The United Nations does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees). The United Nations does not concern itself with information on bank accounts.
Job Applications Internships
 All vacancies and information on how to apply can be found at:  Please note that Internships are managed by the UN Office for Human Resources (OHRM). All information can be found at:
 All information related to creating a job applications can be found at:  Specific queries can be sent to


Professional and higher categories

Job Title Level Job Id Job Family Duty Station Deadline
Senior Programme Officer, Chief of Planning, Budget and Finance Section.P5 P-5 152476 Administration NEW YORK 17-06-2021
Humanitarian Affairs Officer.P4 P-4 152542 Humanitarian Affairs NEW YORK 02-06-2021
Head of Office, Humanitarian Affairs.D1 D-1 153216 Humanitarian Affairs KIEV 19-05-2021
HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS OFFICER.P3 P-3 153468 Humanitarian Affairs CARACAS 18-05-2021
HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS OFFICER.P3 P-3 153472 Humanitarian Affairs Maroua 14-05-2021
Humanitarian Affairs Officer.P4 P-4 153776 Humanitarian Affairs Bor (Jongli/South Sudan) 29-05-2021
Humanitarian Affairs Officer (Analysis & Operations).P4 P-4 154012 Humanitarian Affairs NAIROBI 15-05-2021
Humanitarian Affairs Officer / Pooled Fund Manager.P4 (Temporary Job Opening) P-4 154718 Humanitarian Affairs GAZIANTEP 12-05-2021
HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS OFFICER.P3 (Temporary Job Opening) P-3 154864 Humanitarian Affairs SANA'A 06-05-2021

Field services

Job Title Level Job Id Job Family Duty Station Deadline

General services and related categories

Job Title Level Job Id Job Family Duty Station Deadline
Requisitions Assistant.G5 G-5 151398 Logistics and Supply Chain NEW YORK 07-05-2021

National Professional Officers

Job Title Level Job Id Job Family Duty Station Deadline


Job Title Level Job Id Job Family Duty Station Deadline
Intern- Learning and Development Unit, OCHA Geneva.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 143535 Internship GENEVA 30-06-2021
INTERN - PUBLIC INFORMATION.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 144214 Internship NEW YORK 15-05-2021
INTERN - People Strategy and Management Committee.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 144773 Internship NEW YORK 11-05-2021
Intern - Staff Welfare.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 146783 Internship GENEVA 20-06-2021
Intern - Humanitarian Affairs (two positions).I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 146794 Internship GENEVA 30-09-2021
Internship - Humanitarian Affairs (Multiple).I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 147838 Internship GENEVA 05-06-2021
Internship - Humanitarian Research (New or Emerging Technological Topics).I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 153111 Internship THE HAGUE 04-07-2021
Internship - Infographics and Interactives.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 153113 Internship THE HAGUE 04-07-2021
Intern- Information Management.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 154017 Internship GENEVA 17-07-2021
INTERN - HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS.I (Temporary Job Opening) I-1 154453 Internship NEW YORK 28-10-2021