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Asia Disaster Guide

OCHA Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP), has launched the second edition of its flagship publication "Disaster Response in Asia and the Pacific: A Guide to International Tools and Services".

First published in 2013, the Guide is primarily designed to help disaster managers in national governments in Asia and the Pacific more effectively mobilize international and regional tools and services during a disaster response.

The original Guide was developed in consultation with government officials across Asia and the Pacific and representatives of intergovernmental organizations, the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement (RCRC Movement), national and international NGOs, donors and other key agencies worldwide. These partners were also consulted for the revised Guide.

In Asia-Pacific, national governments and authorities, as well as local communities, are at the forefront of any disaster response. There are numerous tools and services available at the regional and international levels that can further strengthen these local responses, but these may not be easily accessible or understood to those who could benefit from them.

The Guide seeks to address this by providing a practical reference to the key tools and services available to disaster managers during a response and response preparedness phases of the disaster programme cycle to ensure the rapid mobilization of humanitarian assistance and coordination services.

The publication is primarily intended for national disaster management organizations (NDMOs) and line ministries involved in disaster response and disaster response preparedness. It is also a reference document for representatives of intergovernmental organizations, civil society actors and disaster-affected people.