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About the CAR HF

The Central African Republic Humanitarian Fund (CAR HF) was established in 2008 as an expansion of the Emergency Response Fund. It is a country-based pooled fund (CBPF), which is a multi-donor humanitarian financing instrument managed by OCHA CAR under the responsibility and leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC).

The CAR HF has played a significant role in making more resources available for humanitarian activities prioritized under the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP). For the past three years, the fund has been counted among the HRP’s top five funding sources.

The CAR HF aims to:

  1. Support humanitarian reform to ensure predictable, flexible and timely humanitarian funding to meet the needs of vulnerable communities.
  2. Strengthen the leadership of the HC and the humanitarian coordination system


2018 Common Performance Framework targets
About the CAR HF (flyer)


CAR Humanitarian Fund Annual Reports
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