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Allocation process

Under the CAR HF, funding can be allocated via two modalities:

  1. Standard allocation. The standard allocation represents nearly 80 per cent of the funding. This mechanism allows the HC to allocate funds in support of the priority needs of the HRP through the consultative process involving humanitarian partners. As a common practice, the fund launches standard allocations twice a year, as per the HRP cycle and funding availability.
  2. Reserve allocation. The reserve allocation represents nearly 20 per cent of the funding. It is used for rapid and flexible allocations of funds in the event of sudden-onset emergencies. In this case, the process goes through a call for proposals on a rolling basis.

Through a two-step approach of the strategic review and the technical review, the CAR HF offers the opportunity to address humanitarian needs in a collaborative manner, fostering cooperation and coordination within and between the inter-cluster coordinators and humanitarian organizations present in CAR. Additionally, interventions supported by the CAR HF aim to be consistent with the core humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence.