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Donor Contributions

Since 2008, the CAR HF has received US$157.2 million in contributions from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and United Kingdom. The major part of contributions from donors (64 per cent) was received since 2014 due to a drastic increase of CAR HF activities in relation to the 2013 crisis.

In 2017, the CAR HF allocated $22.7 million for 65 projects around the country in support of the humanitarian response. These funds were allocated through the participative and inclusive processes of two standard allocations and two reserve allocations, one of which was entirely dedicated to the response in the country’s hotspots.

How to donate?

For more information, donors should contact the CAR HF Joint Humanitarian Financing Unit at (OCHA CAR). Individuals, corporations and foundations can also donate online here.