Burundi 2012

CERF gives $2 million to Burundi in response to food insecurity and child hunger

18 May 2012:  Irregular rainfall and other agricultural challenges have dramatically reduced agricultural production and access to food for the poorest households of Burundi. Poor harvests, coupled with the weakened purchasing power of many families due to the soaring price of staple foods has lead to the deterioration of people’s nutritional status. 
Preliminary data indicate a high prevalence of chronic malnutrition, exceeding emergency thresholds established by the World Health Organization. There has also been a noted increase in new admissions to therapeutic nutritional services over the past year - estimated at a 26 per cent increase compared to previous years.
Moreover, the return of some 37,834 Burundian refugees still hosted in Tanzania and expected to return to the provinces affected by food shortages by December 2012 will further compound food insecurity and malnutrition in the country.
In response, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) provided US$1,986,269 to three UN agencies in Burundi to save the lives of 150,000 vulnerable people, including 8,171 children under age 5.

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