Guinea 2012

CERF provides $1 million to combat a cholera outbreak in Guinea

23 April 2012: As of mid-April 2012, 333 cases of cholera and 23 deaths were confirmed in Guinea. The first case, which was detected in the island of Kaback, originated in Sierra Leone where there is currently a cholera epidemic. Though the current outbreak is relatively small, humanitarian partners are concerned that the risk of a full-scale epidemic is high, given the scale of the outbreak in Sierra Leone and the limited access to safe water and poor sanitary conditions across Guinea. The risk will increase significantly if the current outbreak is not controlled before the start of the rainy season in May, at which point access to affected areas will become difficult, particularly among Guinea’s islands which are only accessible by boat. There is also a risk that the epidemic might spread to countries in the region that have not yet registered cases, such as Guinea Bissau and Senegal, as there are frequent population movements between countries. 


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